Daniel created several maps for me for an upcoming book project of mine (1 fantasy world map, 1 real world map and 1 city map) and all of them turned out better than I would have hoped. Throughout the whole process Daniel was exceedingly easy to work and communicate with. That said, what I really appreciate most about Daniel is that it is clear he is passionate about his craft. On multiple occasions, Daniel offered tips and suggestions to make my project better, which, to me, showed that he had developed a true expertise for map making. I couldn’t recommend Daniel more highly.

Cam Lay

My initial ‘wow’ experience working with Daniel was in the middle of reaching out to a bunch of cartographers. My project required a very specific style (one I was not willing to compromise on) and in a sea of potential artists, Daniel not only responded within a few days but with a draft of his personal style merged with the style I was asking for. Needless to say, my mind was blown.

The process of working my project with Daniel can be summed up in one word: Simple. When I would give him too much or too little information, he seemed to have a knack for sorting through it and ending at an awesome result. At no point did I feel like the conversations we had about my project were a waste of time. In fact, I would say that all of his replies were as streamlined as he could make them. In a world of artists who can take their art too personally, Daniel took criticism with the highest possible level of professionalism.

As for the quality of his artistry, the final result can speak for itself. He nailed a requested art style that was quite different from his main style. He took every suggestion I made and made it work. I would give my experience working with Daniel a solid 10/10.

Garman Bowers – Dungeon Master

Daniel handled our Game of Thrones map like a pro. He’s incredibly easy to work with, responds to revisions in a timely manner, has a surprisingly keen eye for type, and is exceptionally detail-oriented: the hallmark of a true cartographer. I’ll definitely keep Daniel in mind for future map-related requests for as long as I’m with the Entertainment Weekly art department.

James Kim – Senior Designer at Entertainment Weekly

If you want the best map maker for your projects, then look no further than Daniel! He’s professional, extremely thorough, and detailed in his craft. He really cares about making your project succeed. He’s also great to work and communicate with. At each stage of the process, he asked for my input and made sure I agreed on how the map was coming along. He even added artistic details of his own that made the map more realistic. I can fully recommend Daniel for your map making endeavors and I would definitely work with him on future projects.

Luke Taylor

I had created my own map for my world which I was quite attached to. Daniel was able to take the details from my map and improve on them. The new map was better than my original in every way. I can’t recommend this artist enough if you are looking for a map to bring your world to life.

Shawn Ellsworth – Author of ‘Seas of Vodari’

Daniel is a person with whom it is great to work with. He is very patient and has a deep knowledge in geography. His deep understanding in various facets of our work was and still is very beneficial to me. He corrected the direction of the course of the river in my initial sketch. The professionalism of his work could also be observe in his strict adherence to time. Moreover, its so easy to see that he loves what he does which is a paramount for me in the search of an Illustrator. I do hope to work more with him in the future.

Julio Cevasco – Publisher

Daniel was very responsive throughout the entire process. He’s incredibly talented, and took the stick-figure level map sketch I gave him for use in a book and turned it into something extraordinary. His artistic skills are amazing, and I absolutely loved the final product. I would definitely use his services again.

Hailey Turner – author of Soulbound series

Daniel is incredibly talented and provides great service, his communication is excellent and it’s clear he wants the best product possible for his clients. I will happily use his service again.

Jerome Hope

100% satisfied with the work done by Daniel. I gave him the very amateurish maps I had done of the World of Saga, and he created from them an awesome professional map, that not only looks so great, but also reads every location perfectly. Very impressed as well with the precision of the final map: Every river, mountain, city, region, kingdom … of the original maps appears in Daniel’s map in its exact location, respecting the distances and positioning with extreme accuracy.

Avatars of War

Working with Daniel has been a pleasant experience and he has far exceeded my expectations, not just with the final map but with the process.

Daniel has been patient and accommodating with all my requests and I will definitely be commissioning another map in the future.

Dragonire – fantasy author

It was such a pleasure working with Daniel. He was diligent in the planning, drawing, and especially the editing stages of the process and made three beautiful, detailed, customized maps that have been a fantastic addition to my project. I would highly recommend him for any cartography/illustration needs

J.S., Princeton University

Daniel is a consummate artist. He makes your difficult task, that being translating the vision of your world into a realized and beautiful map, easier and simple by maintaining clear communication throughout the project. It was a joy to work with him and I wouldn’t hesitate to commission another of his quality works.

Eric Grisham

Daniel helped me bring my world to life and create a map that I would proudly show to anyone who would look at it. I look forward to using it for my games in the future. His fast response time and quality product make me happy to recommend his services to anyone who finds themselves in need of fantasy cartography or any freelance services.

Aiden Amelang

Daniel took what basically amounted to scribbles and put together a detailed map that I would be proud to hang in my house. To finally have a beautiful map to go along with my games is an indescribable feeling. Would recommend Daniel to everyone!

Patrick Gut

Daniel took a long and disjointed list of requirements that were governed by technical needs and not creativity. He then transformed them into an actual world. One that looks good and makes cohesive geographic sense. I was genuinely impressed.

S. Grynko – game developer

Daniel is an outstanding cartographer who was easily able to capture the essence of my brief and work with it to create a series of wonderful maps. His written and verbal communication throughout the artistic process was always prompt and precise, and his knowledge of history and mapping added a lot of value to the project. I would highly recommend Daniel as a cartographer and artist.

S.E. Boleyn – Author

Daniel delivered with a beautifully rendered map that perfectly illustrates the feeling and geography of the setting – a tropical island with an evil volcano spirit at its center. It was created for a kids RPG I’m developing, and all of the kids of who have seen Daniel’s map are smitten by the imagery. I asked him to create a map that would inspire young minds and he did not disappoint!

Daniel was prompt, professional and easy to work with. I plan to commission him to draw the map for the next adventure I seek to publish for our game!

Josh Unruh – The Heroes Guild

Daniel took my world map design and gave it the professional look I was hoping for. He was very easy to work with and had a finished product well before I thought he would. Would highly recommend him!

D.S. Tierney

Working with Daniel was a great experience. He was quick to respond to all communication and was able to produce the desired result with minimal back-and-forth. Very pleased with the final result!

Mitchell Karbowski

Daniel has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Patient, thoughtful, and dedicated to do his best work. He was always willing to make changes, to offer ideas, and to rework the maps or artwork to meet my expectations. Would recommend him to anyone wishing to hire a cartographer or artist. Thank you, thank you!

Brian Björn – Author of ‘Runeborn’

Daniel is an excellent designer and professional freelancer. He designed a map for my homebrew tabletop rpg and the results are outstanding. Great communication, quick turnaround and understands how to transform an idea into a high quality final design.

Aurelien Laine

I love it and so do my players! Daniel is a dream to work with, reasonably priced, and amazingly fast.

Deron Poisson

Daniel, is wonderful to work with, I cannot say enough about his professionalism and his creativity. To see my book’s world brought to life rendered me speechless, which for an author is quite a feat. The details and stylistic choices he made were spot on, making the map feel so real. I would recommend Daniel to anyone looking to bring their fantasy world into reality.

Danielle M. Orsino

I commissioned Daniel and I’m very happy with the maps. The maps are way better than I could’ve accomplished at the moment. Throughout the whole process Daniel has been an absolute pleasure to deal with and I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Abbott and Green – Publisher

Daniel did an excellent job creating a map of Italy in 1796 for my novel, The Etruscan Mysteries. He included everything I asked for, was easy to work with, and turned it around very quickly. I was extremely satisfied with the final result, and would definitely work with him on future projects.

Darren Foulk – Author of ‘The Etruscan Mysteries’

Daniel’s work is not the least expensive, but it is high quality. He worked to 1) clarify initial desires; 2) make all necessary adjustments on the first draft; 3) give another round of tweaks once he fleshed out the map; and 4) sent the final map for one last look. Very happy customer, and I am hoping to do more business in the future.

Nat Skinner of Skylark Games – Publisher of Helheim Unbound

Daniel worked fast and made the exact map I was envisioning for my upcoming release. Working with him was an easy process. I would be happy to hire him again in the future.

Just B. Jordan – Author of ‘To Ashes We Run’

I am very satisfied with the contact and cooperation with Daniël Hasenbos. He is clear about what he is doing and asks questions about ambiguities. He kept me informed about how far he was, so I didn’t have to wonder how long it took or what he was doing. I will certainly approach him more often for a fantasy map of the world of my books.

Gijs Klaassen – Author of Kinderen van de Draak

Daniel did a fantastic job helping create a map for my game. He did an excellent job meeting the needs of the project, and working through revisions and providing layers to make an excellent and beautiful map. He was easy to work with and very responsive. I would highly recommend his work to anyone!

Anuraag Pakanati – Lead Developer at Galactic Starfish

Daniel’s Maps took my sketchy concept and brought my world of Wylder Tales to vibrant life. I discovered Daniel’s Maps through one of my favorite authors, and upon exploring his fantastical website, couldn’t wait to commission a map for my epic fantasy series. Daniel was professional, efficient, and his work truly inspiring. I’ll definitely be going to him for all my future maps, and recommend him to any author seeking for ways to bring their book to the next level.

Jennifer Silverwood – author of Wylder Tales

Daniel does more than maps. He did an amazing ship blueprint for me. I am very proud to call myself a client of his. Very high quality work and reasonably priced.

Brandon Berryhill – Author or Ruin

Daniel’s expertise as a cartographer helped bring my thoughts to reality. He was able to visualize the map and come up with improvements which added a lot of value to the product. His communications are very prompt and effective which makes the interactions smooth. It has been a pleasure to work with Daniel and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a cartographer or an artist.

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