Commissions are open.

If you are looking for a price estimate for a map, please answer the questions below, and I will get back at you at my earliest convenience.

  1. What sort of map are you looking for, and how many?
    Are you looking for a world map, regional map, city map or dungeon/structure map?
  2. How will the map be used?
    Are you planning to use the map for a book, or a game? Is it going to be used as print or digitally?
  3. Size and resolution?
    cm/inches/pixels; A3; A4; A5; other?
  4. Desired style?
    Please share an example of any works (of mine) that you like.
  5. B&W or color?
  6. Is there a deadline?
  7. Do you need copyrights for the map?
    Do you need full copyrights, reproduction rights, or no copyrights at all?
  8. Please send me a sketch if possible.
    A simple sketch and/or a list of names or locations can greatly reduce the time needed to complete the map.
  9. What is your budget for the map?
    Keep in mind that larger, more detailed, or colored maps cost more than smaller, simpler and black and white maps.
  10. Are there any other details that are not covered in your answers?

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